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    FCT ACTech, XRF and XRD Online or at Line Solutions

    Applications and Solutions

    Cement Industry, Optimize your cement process
    Reduce operating costs by decreasing fuel consumption and product variation. Extend refractory life and improve cement quality by having better control.

    FCT ACTech offers a complete line of analytical instruments, ancillary equipment and end-to-end solutions to help cement producers improve product quality, boost efficiency, lower productions costs, and create safer and greener production lines.

    The RMX instrument controls raw meal chemistry and provides feedback to your existing cross-belt analyzer, or can directly send the information as an input into a raw mix proportioning software to finely adjust the calcium carbonate, silica, alumina and iron ore.

    Gaining control with under or over burning the clinker provides a host of benefits. To do so free lime must constantly be monitored Currently, most plants use wet methods or lab XRD instruments to get their free lime results every two to four hours. That frequency often misses many changes that happen in your kiln. The X-series FLX allows you to measure clinker free lime and trend better for tight control in order to avoid any excursions that translate into unnecessary expenses.

    The X-series OFX has all the features of the FLX but it can also monitor all major elements which is fundamental when burning different fuel mixes, especially alternative fuels.

    The CMXγ advanced on-stream XRD mineralogical analyzer is simply the instrument of choice for cement blends controls, allowing producers to maximize gypsum, limestone, slag or flyash additions.

    Mining & Mineral Processing Industry

    Measure, trend, adjust for real time process control
    Improve recovery, lower costs, and achieve environmental compliance with your process with the help of FCT ACTech analytical equipment and sampling systems. FCT ACTech sample preparation equipment supplies companies with reliable, accurate data and critical input for the process control system. This allows operators to optimize their inputs, realize significant savings, and improve profitability. Our analysis and sampling systems can be designed and configured for all plant sizes to meet technical and layout constraints and provide the lowest total cost of ownership while maximizing throughput.

    With the CMXα continuous online mineralogical analyzer plants can optimize the use of reagents and additives to improve operation and reduce costs. Providing a direct input prior to the flotation circuit the CMXα provides the information you need for product quality control.

    The CMXβ is the ultimate process analysis tool designed to provide continuous online or at-line mineralogical and elemental analysis information, enabling miners to maximize recovery, increase production and quality control and optimize environmental control.

    Improve your flash furnace performance by optimizing copper matte quality control and avoid valuable product discarded with the slag by continuously controlling your mineralogy and elemental analysis of your copper concentrate feed.

    With the power of CMXβ dual HRTC-XRF and XRD analyzer you can control continuously, online your heat and mass balance inputs into your flash furnace software management system. Available as a stand-alone unit or as a complete end-to-end solution including sampler, sample conveying and return systems, instrumentation and controls, the CMXβ is the essential process analysis machine for those who demand the best to improve recovery and maximize profitability in copper smelters around the world.



    Equilab has always supported its clients with all its knowledge, expertise and resources, to help them succeeded in their objectives. Some of those achievements are the development of new and better products, or the continuous search for excellence in the quality targets and the optimization of the manufacturing processes. After 25 years of activity, this spirit of service remains intact and is still present in all its fields of action.

    In order to obtain really representative results in the different analysis we can undertake with a sample, the essential prerequisite is a prior effective preparation of the same. The usual procedure passes by reducing the size of the sample, and its homogenization, to guarantee reliable and repeatable results.



    HORIBA Scientific is the new global team created to better meet customers’ present and future needs by integrating the scientific market expertise and resources of HORIBA. HORIBA Scientific offerings encompass elemental analysis, fluorescence, forensics, GDS, ICP, particle characterization, Raman, spectral ellipsometry, sulfur-in-oil, water quality, and XRF. Prominent absorbed brands include Jobin Yvon, Glen Spectra, IBH, SPEX, Instruments S.A, ISA, Dilor, Sofie, SLM, and Beta Scientific. By combining the strengths of the research, development, applications, sales, service and support organizations of all, HORIBA Scientific offers researchers the best products and solutions while expanding our superior service and support with a truly global network.

    Xray Technology

    A Leading X-Ray Solution Integrator

    Unicomp X-Ray has become the leading enterprise in world wide X-ray industry. This technology is widely applied in Public Security, EV Lithium battery, SMT PCBA EMS, IC, Semiconductor, Solar Photovoltaic, LED, Connector, Automotive Casting Parts, Wheel, Tires, Pipe welding, Food and Beverage, Pressure vessel industry etc.

    Presently Unicomp has submitted a total of 432 patents with 319 authorized. Unicomp has obtained numerous management system certifications, such as ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health & safety management system, as well as ISO27001 information safety management system.

    Environmental Test Chambers

    Provides The Safest Choice Of Climatic Chambers For Your Industry

    Climatic Chambers
    SONACME technology is dedicated to the development and application of Climatic Chambers. We enable international manufacturers to validate their products ensuring they are resistant to temperature,humidity, light, rain, altitude, vibration, dust, corrosion etc. Sonacme are active in all areas of Climatic Chambers research and development, production and sales.

    Solutions For Industrial Fields
    SONACME Provides Environmental Test Chambers For Various Industries And Applications,
    From Battery, Automobiles And Electronic Products, Paint Aging Industry, Altitude Training To Aerospace



    Testometric design and manufacture a comprehensive range of materials testing machines and software for evaluating the mechanical properties and performance of materials.

    Testometric’s utm (universal testing machines) are used in all industries worldwide for materials testing, product testing, quality control and r&d applications.

    If your requirements are highly specialised testing for research or routine sample testing for quality control – testometric has the solution.


    Premier Lab

    PREMIER manufactures and distributes XRF sample preparation consumables, equipment and platinum ware items. Our steady growth and success is diregctly attributed to our philosophy and commitment to value for our customers. As a result, PREMIER is fast becoming the next generation of leading XRF manufacturers. Our mission remains simple: “to offer the best prices in the industry for XRF consumables and other related sample preparation products and services without ever compromising quality”.

    PREMIER’s consumables include XRF liquid sample cells and thin film sample support materials, along with products and accessories for press pelletizing, fusion and platinum lab ware items. Our re-fabrication service will turn your old metal back into new again for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. Products that qualify for re-fabrication include anodes, beakers, electrodes, evaporating dishes and crucibles/lids in many different shapes, weights and dimensions. In addition, we offer a full range of fusion apparatus lab ware, including crucibles and molds suitable for Phoenix, Claisse®, Herzog, Katenax, Leco®, Perl’X and Vulcan, to name a few.


    Water Chiller Circulator

    Water chiller system specific for precision scientific and medical equipments complete with fault alarm indication for water level, compressor overload, over temperature, reverse motor pump and low flow. Temperature operating range from 5 deg. Celcius to 40 deg. Celcius with digital indication and set point.



    XRF scientific is the world leader in the development and manufacture of flux for mining and laboratory based industries. Our capability and capacity has grown in line with the Australian mining industry. We provide an extensive range of high purity and premium quality x-ray fluorescence, x-ray diffraction and ICP fluxes.  Only the highest quality Lithium and Boron compounds from within Australia and around the world are used to manufacture superior Lithium Borate Fluxes. Our manufacturing process is based on pre fusing the flux.

    Security High End Instruments

    Courtesy of Majalah ICT

    Security System Inspection

    Meet with Highest Security Systems Provider
    We continue to grow all over the world on security, control and automation sector, with our service quality and turnkey solutions.

    We are distributor and specialist at this sector that you will find below:
    X-ray Baggage Scanner,
    Vehicle X-ray Scanner
    Raman Spectrometer
    Explosive Detection
    Drugs and Narcotic Inspection
    Walk through metal detector and handheld metal detector,
    Turnstiles access control systems with tripod turnstiles, full height turnstiles, speed gates and flat barrier.
    RFID access control systems
    Face Recognition System
    Time attendance management machine
    Vehicle access control system such as arm barrier, mushroom barriers, road blocker.
    Guard Patrol Tour System
    Customized software for your company needs.